Monday, December 14, 2009

7 Tips To Better Homemaking

Here are seven things that make the Not-The-Proverbs 31-Wife's days run smoothly ~

Make sure you schedule in some family time, even if you have to give up some time on Facebook...not..but...time in the car, rushing to your next appointment counts as family time, right? Especially if you try not to yell because no one is co-operating and you are stressed..

Always have a First Aid kit in your are probably living out of your car anyway.

Ensure that three meals are eaten every day..regardless of time of day or content of meal. Ice cream for breakfast at eleven am has is still morning..

Beautiful nails, fingernails or toe nails, not both, you don't want to go overboard...good nails cover up a multitude of sins and failings.At one's highest stress point, all one has to do is look down, peer at one's gorgeous nails, and all is right with the world. Just don't tell your husband.

Encourage your husband, your better half, every day. Try to remember that the dh in text talk stands for dear husband NOT daft husband NOR damn husband NEITHER deaf husband OR d*#k head. (However, all terms apply at some time or other. This is the guide for wives in the real world, remember.)

NEVER tell your husband your plans too far in advance. And NEVER tell him too much about what you are doing. Too much information leads to fights and, heaven forbid, a slight change of plans for us. Too much information the poor dh. Have the kids chant every day...DO NOT TELL DAD THIS!

Always find something to be happy about...We can be thankful for many things...Thankful we weren't caught out by our dh in our latest scheme..thankful you have found this blog to advise and share...thankful for small mercies like Spumante at lunch on a school day while the homeschooled darlings play video games and mothers start this wonderful blog. ( if you don't know what Spumante is, leave this blog now. After you have googled Spumante, bought a bottle, shared it with another mother over lunch, then you may return.)
More serious posts will follow...we do love the Lord and our dh..but wife in the real world is hard. You know?